Do you need previous experience to take a class?

  • Absolutely not! Although we have individuals with gymnastics and dance backgrounds, many of our students have no experience at all and they still have a blast. Classes are designed for individuals to work through the skills and tricks at their own pace, building muscle and flexibility as they go.

Who teaches your classes?

  •  All of our classes are taught by trained and certified individuals with years of experience in the discipline and in teaching.

How is the equipment suspended? Is there a weight limit? Is it safe?

  • All of our rigging has been hung by certified Riggers using registered equipment designed specifically for aerial use or to carry live loads. The majority of our equipment is rated for 5000lbs. With every activity there is a risk, but safety is our number one concern and we take all the precautions necessary to keep our students safe.

What are the age requirements for your classes?

  • Our kids classes start at age 5 but we do have kinder gym classes for younger children with parental guidance.

How many spots are in each class?

  • As safety is our number one concern, we believe that it is important to have small class sizes for children. We have a minimum 1:4 ratio of staff to students for our kids classes (with classes maxing out at 10). For teens, we have a minimum 1:8 ratio (with classes maxing out at 10) and for adults we have a minimum 1:10 ratio (with classes maxing out at 12).

What type of clothing should be worn in class?

  • Comfortable, more tight-fitting leggings and shirts. Bare feet is best. Sometimes sleeves can be more comfortable depending on the trick.

Do you have a performance team?

  • We are often invited to perform at events and festivals throughout the region. Next semester we will be holding auditions for a new performance team. Students from this team will be called on to perform at these special events.

When are your recitals?

  • Our students spend the semester preparing for their recital. We hold a recital at the end of each semester.

What does your typical class include?

  • Our standard class includes a warm-up, stretching, conditioning and time to learn and work on skills/tricks.